Off-site reprocessing

Building and maintaining an in-house sterilization and reprocessing program can significantly drain resources that could be better spent on patient care. SteriPro eliminates this burden, providing a complete, adaptable solution that delivers clear benefits to hospitals, physicians, and patients. Backed by years of expertise and highly trained team members, we are committed to providing an essential service built on a sustainable model.
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Contingency Services

SteriPro’s contingency service is an emergency response program that has been developed to help hospitals and medical facilities continue with surgeries and services when they experience the following: Code Greys, Facility Failures, Infrastructure Failures, Sterilizer/Washer Failures Read more


SteriPro has developed a comprehensive solution in medical device reprocessing operations with a focus on continuous improvement. SteriPro consulting services will help your Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) department operate more efficiently. Read more


SteriClean™ Stain Removal

Surgical Instrument Treatment for Spotting, Staining & Corrosion Many hospitals in Canada are currently using stained instruments. The use of stained or spotted instruments can raise critical issues during surgery, including dullness of scissors, breakage or misalignment of instruments Read more

SteriChain™ Transportation

We maintain a dedicated fleet of purpose-built trucks featuring the latest technology to ensure the tracking, safety, and integrity of every transport. SteriChain™ is a proprietary temperature-humidity-monitored supply chain. Temperature and humidity parameters (18-23°C and 30% - 60%) are met throughout the SteriChain™ cycle to ensure that required storage conditions for sterilized devices are maintained.
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