SteriPro Canada is an accredited and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company providing leading practice reprocessing and sterilization services from its facility in Mississauga, Ontario, and on-site at its partner hospitals. We are experts in the field of Medical Device Reprocessing, and are current with all standards and regulations set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for the reprocessing and sterilization of reusable medical instruments and devices. SteriPro is a leader within the medical device reprocessing industry, and has committed to continue improving the Medical Device Reprocessing profession.

SteriPro has also invested in a Medical Advisory Committee, which comprises four physicians, Infection Control Representatives and Executive Leadership from non-customer hospitals. The function of this committee is to make recommendations to the senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors at SteriPro Canada regarding the quality of reprocessing and sterilization services.

SteriPro’s team includes clinical and reprocessing professionals with extensive hospital and clinical experience, as well as forward-thinking business leaders, scientists, engineers, doctors and outsourcing specialists. College-certified technicians are employed to ensure we deliver the utmost quality to our clients. Our leadership team has been instrumental in delivering successful reprocessing and perioperative supply chain improvement solutions at the local, regional and provincial levels in Canada.