SteriPro has developed a comprehensive solution in medical device reprocessing operations with a focus on continuous improvement.

SteriPro consulting services will help your Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) department operate more efficiently. Improved processing capabilities will lead to fluid OR surgical efficiency, resulting in enhanced patient safety. Utilizing years of experience operating MDR departments, SteriPro has a wealth of knowledge that enables our highly trained consultants to provide your hospital with objective analysis and the guidance required to elevate your operational efficiencies and service standards. Our team of consultants comprises MDR operation experts, CSA leaders, scientists, and business developers.

How we do it

SteriPro will evaluate your MDR capabilities and capacities. A report will be created that includes:

  • Current state analysis, evaluation of compliance with CSA standards and costs of upgrading your facilities to meet current CSA standards.
  • Overall assessment of your departmental facilities and reprocessing/sterilization equipment capacity versus demand requirements.
  • Assessment of equipment and facilities including workflow against applicable standards and leading practices.
  • A contingency plan specifically tailored for your facilities.
  • Comparative matrix for different options to help you make informed decisions.

SteriPro will also assist you with accreditation preparations and staff optimization to ensure they are trained appropriately to perform their assigned duties.