Building and maintaining an in-house sterilization and reprocessing program can significantly drain resources that could be better spent on patient care. SteriPro eliminates this burden, providing a complete, adaptable solution that delivers clear benefits to hospitals, physicians, and patients. Backed by years of expertise and highly trained team members, we are committed to providing an essential service built on a sustainable model.

Our cutting-edge processes and facilities are designed to save you time and money, while ensuring the right instruments are in the hands of the people who need them, when they need them.

  • State-of-the-art instrument reprocessing & sterilization.
  • Quality assurance at or above industry standards
  • Comprehensive tracking and traceability
  • Significant savings in operations

How we do it

For your team to perform effectively, they need to be confident their instruments are reprocessed according to exacting specifications and maintained in optimum working condition. SteriPro’s experienced team has designed a comprehensive tracking system and rigorous logistics support program to ensure your needs are understood and met without fail.
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