mother-with-babySteriPro provides state-of-the-art medical device reprocessing services to Midwives. For your team to perform effectively, they need to be confident their instruments are reprocessed according to exacting specifications and maintained in optimum working condition. SteriPro’s experienced team has designed a comprehensive system and rigorous logistics support program to ensure your needs are understood and met without failure.

The Association of Ontario Midwives provides Guidance Documents for medical device reprocessing, but adhering to the regulations is labor intensive and expensive. Improperly reprocessed devices can lead to transmission of infectious diseases and an outbreak. SteriPro eliminates this burden, providing a complete and adaptable solution that delivers clear benefits to Midwives.

SteriPro Canada is an accredited and ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company providing leading practice reprocessing and sterilization services. We are experts in the field of Medical Device Reprocessing, and stay current with all standards and regulations set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for the reprocessing and sterilization of reusable medical instruments and devices.

SteriPro offers customized solutions for Midwives that include:

  • Effective cleaning of instruments as per the instructions for use
  • Full traceability of sets on an instrument level, that can be tracked on patient’s records
  • Management and storage of Digital Sterilization records and sterilizer testing and maintenance.
  • Perform functionality testing on all instruments to identify instrument for repair / replacement.
  • An environmentally friendly solution compared to disposable instruments
  • Affordable, headache free and simple solution

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